Grafika WIT


The Computer Graphics Faculty at Warsaw School of Information Technology aims at students who already decided to link their lives with technology and sensitivity. To arouse their interest we needed a design that would be original, modern and would show the diversity of disciplines contemporary graphic designers are dealing with.

The school required a billboard, poster, brochure and mailing template. We enthusiastically engaged in the bidding and our project has won it. For a long time we were thinking of the way we could present the rich variety of contemporary computer graphics and eventually we decided upon solution that was right there the whole time.

We reached for many graphic technologies and in effect we designed a  project of letters borrowed from various graphic branches and composed them together in a single word. As it is, our projects reflects the work of a graphic designer, desktop publisher, 3D designer and even a painter or illustrator.

Entire project was placed in minimalistic background - vivid letters speak for themselves, attract attention, intrigue and inspire.

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