Dream Jump

web / print / identity

Dream jumping is a new discipline of extreme sports. Jumps are made from great height and the flight down can take really long time. In Poland it is a relatively new sport. Because of that we needed a very intuitive branding that would be engraved in viewer's memory and be firmly associable with dream jumping. Our task was to design a logo, posters, brochures and build a website.

Already at the logo level we tried to pass the idea of freefly. The strong colour scheme highlights the extreme nature of this sport discipline. The website was designed horizontally (undestandable on itself!) and kept in garish and vivid style. Additionally, we equipped the website with functional and transparent jump reservation system. Printed materials keep this aggressive and irregular motive, photos interweave with contrasting illustrations.

Dream Jump's target are mostly young people who are not afraid of risk and (let's face it) are a bit crazy. In order meet their requirements we were designing more boldly, modern and avant-garde. Our pleasure.

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